Connery Books is a one man project which aims at collecting and compiling into a pleasant and easy-to-print format a large range of public domain materials.

What this means is that many interesting books and image collections are part of the public domain, available for all to read, print, divulge, etc, but many are either dispersed throughout the web or fragmented and, when complete, formatted so that it can be divulged mostly by digital means.

Connery Books' aim is to format various works into Portable Document Format (PDF), with eye pleasing typography and covers so that anyone can print them and read them in paper.

The idea for Connery Books came after hours of reading in a computer screen and longing for a decent formatting of various HTML/DOC files which, when printed, still appeared cluttered and non-pleasing to the reader.

Connery Books does not sell or promote selling these books. They are completely free and re-distribution is acceptable and promoted.

This project is still in a Beta mode and with time (and more experience) higher quality books will be made available with quality covers and better formatting.

Enjoy our books!


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